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Business is now in an entirely different landscape, the digital era has changed how brands thrive and work in the marketplace. Download Install completely understands how businesses and consumers connect today – and we want to be a part of their success story.
It used to be a simple and bare slate for everyone to get creative juices flowing. However, the digital landscape has clearly made the rules for every brand to tread the success waters. While there are pain points that need to be addressed, many brands see these as growing pains. You learn to toughen up for sure.
Every business would need to use third-party siftware or freeware solutions for daily operations or functions. We provide clients unlimited high quality resources of freewares and sharewares that actually works! We eliminate the guesswork and get it road-tested for you.
We are very picky with programs we list. In fact, we just don’t list every software author or program that comes in, we test and validate every detail to make sure that it’s worth your time and is efficient and fast enough for your personal and business needs. You deserve only the best and high quality software downloads – and that is exactly what you get from us!
Here’s what we have in the table:


Freeware is litrerally software that is intended for free usage. You don’t pay a single cent for it. However unlike open-source software, freeware doesn’t include the source code. This means the author or developer offers the program for free but the catch is that the code remains a secret so you are not free to change, edit, or build on it.
Freeware is copyrighted but is free for customers to use for an unlimited time.
Freemiums and Shareware are two of the most popular types of freeware.
Freewares have limited functionality and intended primarily as a promotional tool to introduce a paid or upgraded/premium version of the program


Shareware, on the flipside, is a freeware that is intended for sharing. In this way, you are able to promote programs and get your brand out there where your target market is. You aim to attract new
clients and maintain the loyalty of current ones.
This refers to copyrighted commercial software that can be copied as a free trial but with the condition that they will have to pay for it if they decide to continue using it for an extended period of time. With a shareware, the software developer cuts the middleman out of the picture and markets the software directly to the end users.
It’s a limited free offer software which may not include full functionality.

Why We Offer Freeware?

Offering freeware may seem like a crazy idea it takes a lot of time, effort, money, and resources to build one. But, offering freeware actually helps propel your brand to a new level. Download Install believes in the premise that you are able to build brand reputation and authority within your target market. With this marketing strategy, dangling the carrot means that more businesses would most likely try and spread the word. The outcome would be more referrals and a boost in sales for your brand.

Letting businesses try your program for free means more business opportunities opening up for you especially if they believe their needs are met by your freeware. They would most likely endorse you to partners and colleagues as well. This drives traffic and conversions to your site. Cutting the monetary risks, allows more clients to try your program. In this way, you are able to acquire a stable user base.

This attracts early adopters. Releasing a freeware helps generate an open space for your future projects in the marketplace. Freeware supports small businesses in gigantic ways. You cultivate and strengthen relationship with businesses that use your freeware.

So that when the business grows and would need more premium or comprehensive solutions, then it’s easy to introduce or offer your paid solutions. With a solid user base, you already have a vantage point in the industry. You have become a trusted and reputable vendor to your existing clients.

Freeware versions help boost the exposure and sales of your paid programs. Freeware is also used to generate useful insights or information from actual users.

This also helps generate feedback directly from your customers. You get to know specific functions and features that benefit your target clientele. You will know if your product offers real value or would need tweaking. The feedback is useful in the continuous development of your paid programs. Take a pick at over 45,000 + freeware and shareware titles to choose from in different categories! You surely have something lined up and match your personal and business needs.

Links and Link Exchange

“You scratch my back and I scratch yours.” This is how Download Install works and collaborates with many businesses we work with. We see partnerships that grow simultaneously over time. Collaborations help us thrive and be cohesive in a very toxic yet dynamic digital plane.
This is very synonymous to implementing reciprocal link exchange. If you are serious with running your business, then you should consider link exchange as a tangible part of your website promotion or marketing strategy because it helps you grow your following effortlessly.
This does not boost traffic to your site but also improves search ranking. Reciprocal link exchange is a dynamic method of conducting website promotions. Building a links networks is the foundation of building site traffic especially for those who have enormous directory sites. When you look at it in angles, you’d agree that it’s mutually benefitting and dubbed as the most efficient way to increase website traffic.

  • Link exchanges costs nothing and does not depend on a single point of control.
  • Link exchanges help boost brand awareness. Your brand appears right at the virtual doorstep of your customers. You are right in the middle of the action at zero cost.
  • Links are stable because they are generated mainly from viable link exchange partners.

When to Consider Link Exchange?
While the link juice is very provocative, link exchange focus must be on brand relevance than SEO alone. You should play up on good old common sense with this. Ask yourself: Are you linking to a relevant site? Does this website have products and services that my site visitors would find useful?
Link exchange has been a long-time pratice by many businesses online. It’s a good practice but only if you get to master the waves. Link exchange can impact site traffic and also boost business relationships for long term. It’s reciprocative which means everything is in a mutual platform. You end up to the in the radar of businesses that are within the industry or in your target market. However, excessive linking should be avoided. It’s unnatural and violates Google rules.

Thematic Link Exchange

This is a relationship-based type of link exhange. This type caters to both unintentional and intentional linking; and linking to and from another site owner within the industy but who isn’t a competitor. Link exchanges are also referred to as swapping backlinks or reciprocal linking. All of these mean one and the same thing. The link exchange aims to gain dominance on Google with the logic that receiving backlinks from a trusted site will also increase your “trust” signals.

An effective link-building campaign does not just help draw in site visitors but can explode your traffic overnight. The payoff from reciprocal links is considered long-term. Brand awareness and establishing authority and relevance over your domain helps in website promotion. You won’t have a problem boosting traffic or gaining market awareness with a new product on the shelves.

Link exchange is useful and effective if you are exchanging links with high quality and relevant websites. You can’t just shoot blanks when you do link exchanges. You should only link to websites you trust and are relevant to your niche or industry. If these sites are linking to competitor sites, then it’s also good to link to them. Play by the rules and you’ll hit the jackpot!

Your link building strategy should be solid yet versatile. While there are link exchanging strategies that work, there are quite a few that would need more testing. The right link exchange strategy with help you gain brand authority and attract new site visitors. Reciprocal link exchanges should not be your entire link building strategy.

You should be able to draw in more traffic and attract attention in many other channels. Be bold and dare to take risks with your marketing efforts. You can do link building with social media marketing, content markting, and in commenting in different online directories and blog posts that are relevant to your target market.

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