We are a trusted and reliable download site that provides clients instant access to thousands of
freewares and sharewares online that are 101% working, clean, and legitimate for you to use.
It’s safe, easy, and smart to download quality software with Download Install. Each of the software titles
are submitted directly the software company developers with the developer web site link included in
each description. So, our job is mainly to review and rate each shareware and freeware, categorize each
one so you can cherrypick for your personal use.

Why Choose Download Install?

  • Each program goes through a rigid series of tests to ensure that they’re of high quality, safe, and working.
  • We create screenshots of the sharewares and freewares on the site.
  • We screen, review, and verify software developers or authors as well as individual programs. If we are in doubt of the quality and integrity of the software and the developer, then we scratch it off our site. We do not list shady software programs.
  • If it doesn’t work for us, it goes right to the trash. We only provide our client with top-notch quality programs – no less.
  • We are selective of all software products and we monitor the integrity of each
    shareware/freeware listed on the site.

What is a Freeware?

Freeware programs are distributed mainly for promotional purposes or to give customers a taste of the
brand. This is designed for brand awareness and relevance. It’s for the love of humanity and for self-
introduction purposes. Freewares are not commercially distributed or sold but it’s still copyrighted by the software author. A lot of free programs online grant you free license solely for personal use so this may not be fit for commercial use. It is recommended to check on the license agreement before deciding to download a freeware.

What is a Shareware?

Also referred to as Free Trial programs, sharware is not really a type of software but is instead a promotional or marketing tool. This is primarily designed for customers to try a program before they pay for it. The shareware marketing method allows you to try a product for a specific period of time or a trial phase before you decide if it’s worth your buck. This gives you the opportunity to have first-hand experience of how the product works before you make the purchase.

Why Do Software Developers Give Away Software Programs for FREE?

  • This is for marketing or promotional purposes; such as for introducing other commerical products.
  • For branding purposes or to introduce the featured program in the market.
  • In order to profit from third party programs or products which are offered to customers during the installation process.
  • They just want to give it away for free! For generosity’s sake.

Our reputation matters to us as much as we value our clients. We believe that your trust and confidence in us is what makes Download Install competitive and relevant in the industry. In line with this, out main thrust is to provide you top-of-the-line and secure programs that are guaranteed safe for personal and/or commercial use.

Why do software developers give away free software?

  • To promote other (commercial) products that they offer.
  • Because they make money from (optional) third party products, offered during the installation
  • To make a name for themselves.
  • Because they like to program, but don’t want to pursue it as a business.
  • Because they can 🙂
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